Abraham Accords
Image Credit: Twitter/White House

The Israeli American Council (IAC) welcomed the signing of the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the signing of the declaration of intent to make peace with Bahrain on Tuesday.

The historic deal, dubbed the Abraham Accords, were signed in Washington on Tuesday.


The IAC said in a statement that it commends Israel, UAE and Bahrain for their courage and commitment towards launching bilateral relations and for accelerating the winds of change in the region.

Click here to read the full text of the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement

"This is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of the United States, Israel, and both Gulf states in striving to create a more peaceful Middle East. We are thankful for the leadership of President Trump and the U.S. administration in brokering these historic agreements," it added.

"Both Israel and the US administration have expressed their hope and desire for peace with additional countries in the region and the IAC calls on other Arab countries to follow suit. These historic agreements are proof that the path towards a more prosperous Middle East is through recognition and cooperation rather than through isolation and extremism."

"We thank the United States for its unequivocal support of Israel, its close friend and ally. We, at the IAC, will continue to work towards ensuring this continued and lasting friendship," the council concluded.