Dubai Police was established with 29 members on June 1, 1956 in Naif Fort, which still operates as a police station.

By 1960, the number of police officers was 105.

In 1967, the number increased to 430 officers while the population of Dubai then was less than 30,000.

In 1973, the Dubai Police Headquarters moved to the Al Towar area on Al Etihad Street and in 2006 moved to brand new headquarters nearby.

Boasting a slogan of quality, it is reputed to be the most forward-thinking and progressive Arab police force today.

Its ranks comprise more than 15,000 personnel with the highest educational standards.

Implementing excellent performance standards, every officer has a highly defined description of his or her tasks, duties and jurisdictions.

The organisation has developed institutional performance criteria in application of strategic planning, simplifying procedures and managing human and financial resources proficiently, thereby creating a standard of safety and justice for the residents of Dubai.

Achievements and prizes

It is proud to be the first Arabic police force to apply DNA testing in criminal investigations, the first to use electronic fingerprinting, and the first Arabic department to know and implement a paperless department concept.

Dubai Police has been awarded many prizes, even first prizes, in recognition of these achievements, both locally and internationally.

Dubai Police was among the first to utilise the Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) using Loran C signals in the Gulf (in the mid-80s even before many European and American countries used the same) and now are the first to use satellite and GPS for Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL).

Another first was the adoption of the community policing programme, as well as being the first police force to establish a Human Rights Department.

History of police stations

Al Rifaa

Al Rifaa Police Station was established in the early 70s and its establishment helped maintain the security of the Bur Dubai area. In 1979, a new station was opened as Bur Dubai Police Station. A new building was built in 1992.

Al Rashidiyah

Al Rashidiyah Police Post was established in 1976. It was an affiliate of Al Muraqabat Police Station. On July 19, 1984, the small post became an independent police station and the new building was opened in 2000

Al Muraqqabat

Al Muraqqabat Police Station was established in 1974.


The late Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, ordered the building of Naif fort in 1939 and the tower of the fort was used as a prison. This was an important centre in the heart of Dubai. In 1956 it became the first police station.

Al Qusais

Al Qusais Police Station was established in 1977 and the new building was opened in 1999.


Hatta Police Station was established in 1974. In 1976 it moved to its current location.

Nad Al Sheba

Nad Al Sheba Police Station is a modern police station, opened in 1994. Officers moved to it from a previous centre in Zabeel.

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Police Station was established in 1971 and was renovated in 2000 due to the important area it covers.


Ports Police Station was established in 1971 to ensure the security and safety of Rashid Port.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai Police Station was established in 1979 at its current location. Lehbab and Al Faqa Police Stations fall under its jurisdiction.

Courtesy: Dubai Police website /Alia Al Theeb