Hodeidah: Emirati soldiers in Yemen have expressed their pride in defending the UAE, and honoured the sacrifices made by their brothers, the martyrs who lost their lives while defending Yemen.

In interviews with the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on the occasion of Commemoration Day, the UAE Armed Forces soldiers highlighted their respect for the nation’s martyrs.

“On Commemoration Day, we renew our loyalty to Emirati heroes and martyrs, pledge our loyalty to the nation’s flag, and convey our message to future generations to protect the UAE, strong and glorious as always,” Saif Humaid said.

Abdullah Ali said: “The UAE’s martyrs wrote, with their blood, pages of glory and pride in our history books.”

“Our glorious martyrs have proven that history is made by men who believed in Allah Almighty and in their country, and were devoted to the journey of a nation that was founded by the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the wise leadership that is following in his footsteps,” said Ahmad Khalfan said.

Jassem Abdul Rahman saluted the families of martyrs, saying: “On Commemoration Day, we salute the nation’s martyrs and honour them, as they sacrificed their lives to protect their country and defend their vulnerable brothers.”

Rashid Habib said: “Loyalty to the nation’s martyrs reflects the values of the UAE and the Armed Forces, and we vow to continue on the path that we started, because of our love for our country.”

“On Commemoration Day, we remember the citizens who we are proud of, as well as their glories, and we will tell their stories to future generations,” Haitham Ahmad said.

Mubarak Ali said that Commemoration Day highlights the noble values of the country’s martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to achieve glory on the battlefield.