Home-watch services can be a practical solution when away on a long holiday Image Credit: Shutterstock

DUBAI: As residents continue to travel and enjoy their summer holidays, they can turn to the Dubai Police app for added peace of mind while they are away from home.

The Dubai Electricty and Water Authority (DEWA) has also announced its support of the Smart Home Security programme offered by Dubai Police — a free service available to those who own or rent villas in Dubai and wish to protect their residences while they’re away.

“DEWA is proud to support the Smart Home Security programme offered by Dubai Police, which aims to protect and secure the homes of citizens and residents while they travel or leave for an extended period of time,” posted the official Dewa Twitter account.

Through the Dubai Police smart app, residents can sign up for police checks while they are on holidays.

What is it?

The Smart Home Security programme is a free service available to anyone who rents or own a villa in Dubai. Residents submit their details – including the location of their home and time of travel – so that police can send patrols to check on their residences. Registration can be done inside and outside of the country.

Aside from this free service, residents can also choose paid packages with companies such as du to install surveillance cameras to secure their homes.

Select companies are linked to the police command room and result in speedy responses to any alert.

Last year, the police reported zero thefts in Dubai, with credit given to the Smart Home Security initiative. The programme also experienced a 35 per cent jump in registrations in 2018.

How can you protect your home

According to the Dubai Police website, here is a list of things you should do to make the most of the Home Security Service.

1. Secure all entrances and windows of your home.

2. Secure all wardrobes and/or safes in your home, where you store your valuables.

3. Deposit your money and valuables in a bank safe box.

4. Do not leave the keys to your vehicle in your key holder.

5. Inform members of your family or friends to periodically check on your home while you’re away.

6. Ensure that water taps are shut and that electricity switches are all off.

7. Submit details of your home to Dubai Police.

8. Install surveillance cameras both indoors and outdoors.

Who should you contact

You can access the Home Security Services through several service channels, including the Dubai Police website, the Dubai Police smart app, and Dubai Police offices. A call centre is available for inquiries. Dial 901 to be connected, or email