Anaahita Chauhan releases her first book. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/XPRESS

Abu Dhabi: Eight-year-old Indian girl Anaahita Chauhan wanted to be an author and she did not want to wait till she grew up.

So she got on the job right away. The result — a 25-page illustrative book titled The Mystery of The Lost Plant.

“Almost all books I have read are written by adults. So I decided to author one myself,” said Anaahita who studies in grade three at Abu Dhabi’s Raha International School.

The plot

Sprinkled with colourful illustrations, the book revolves around the adventures of two sisters — Anaa and Haana — who accidentally land in a fantasy world where nature is facing a grave threat.

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“Anaa and Haana face a lot of challenges as they end up in the Kingdom of Dazzle and come face to face with the Queen of Radiance and the dreaded witch Trapper Gloom who traps men inside flowers.

“I love writing because it allows you to create your own characters and make them do whatever you want. My book brings the elements of nature, mystery and adventure together and I enjoyed writing it,” said Anaahita.

Her mother Neeti who edited the book said her daughter has always been fond of reading and writing. “Her favourite corner in every toy store has always been the book corner,” she said.

However, finding a publisher for her daughter’s effort wasn’t easy.

“We contacted publishing houses in the US, Europe, India and even in the UAE. But no one seems to take a child author seriously. So we decided to self-publish the book on Amazon. The response has been fairly encouraging and I am hopeful that the book will catch the eye of a publisher soon,” said Neeti, who works as a business compliance specialist in the capital.

“We are also in touch with local publishers to make the book available in UAE bookstores,” she said.