A family watches the World Cup opening match between South Africa World Mexico at the Palladium in Dubai Media City. Image Credit: Karen Dias/Gulf News

Dubai: Soccer fans in the UAE were left wringing their hands in frustration at the interruption of the World Cup coverage on Al Jazeera Sport for the second day in a row on Saturday.

Up to 40 minutes of the telecast were lost during the first half of Argentina's game against Nigeria as garbled images flickered across TV screens.

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The interruption comes a day after the satellite television channel vowed to deliver the "best coverage" of the World Cup after similar transmission woes affected the opening match.

The Doha-based broadcaster said its feed of the game between South Africa and Mexico was "sabotaged" as millions of fans across the Arab world missed much of the first half action.

Jonathan Whitehead, Head of Al Jazeera Sport +3, said: "We have done so well in getting the exclusive rights for the World Cup and now it is a matter of jealousy that rival channels are attempting to discredit Al Jazeera. We have issued adequate warnings to those involved with the blocking of telecast signals and we will not stop short of anything to ensure our viewers get the best coverage during the rest of the tournament."

Whitehead's comments came after Nasser Al Khalifi, chairman of Al Jazeera Sports, said the broadcaster would "go after whoever caused this terrible act".

Al Khalifi said: "We are shocked by what happened because the World Cup is not a political programme that someone wants to block. It is a global sports event and we had spent months negotiating with Fifa to enable viewers in the Arab world to enjoy some matches for free. Unfortunately there are some people with political motives. But we will go after them."

Al Jazeera Sport has advised customers who are experiencing reception problems to retune their set top boxes to the following frequencies: Arabsat at 12341 horizontal, 11881 horizontal, 12398 vertical, 11585 vertical and Nilesat at 11240 vertical, 11488 horizontal.

With inputs from Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter and Habib Toumi, Bahrain Bureau Chief

How did the signal disruptions affect you? Do you have a backup plan in case there are any further disruptions?