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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: The Federal Supreme Court upheld the life sentences for two drug traffickers after rejecting their appeal.

The two defendants were originally arrested at a hotel after authorities received information about the traffickers being in possession of illegal narcotic substances.

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According to the investigation and confession from the first suspect, the suspect had placed 100 capsules containing the substances in his stomach, after which he called the second suspect to meet him at the hotel. During the meeting 12 capsules were given to the second suspect, with the rest of the capsules still inside the first suspect.


The second suspect, who also confessed to the crime, said he came to the country looking for work, and later on agreed to take the capsules for a price with the intent of selling them.

As per the original sentencing, the first suspect was handed a life imprisonment along with a Dh50,000 fine, with the second suspect also given a life sentence. Both suspects had attempted to appeal the ruling, with the Federal Supreme Court rejecting their appeal due to the overwhelming strong evidence in favour pointing to their guilt.