Ration the fashion. Jessica Smit hopes to break her attachment for material things Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: A fashion and lifestyle blogger in Abu Dhabi is holding on to her New Year resolution not to buy any new clothes or accessories for a year.

Scottish expat Jessica Smit, 26, pledged to stop shopping on January 1 so that she could use the money to support fair-trade garment factories in Asia and Africa.

Raising awareness

We have done enough harm to the ecosystem and I thought as a social media influencer, I should raise awareness about the ill effects of ‘fast fashion’ and its adverse impact on the planet,” said Jessica, who has just returned from a trip to Ghana where she collaborated with The Global Mamas, a community organisation that employs women to create handmade clothes and products.

In March, the HR professional travelled to Dharamsala in India to visit ‘The Visible Factory’ a fair trade fashion factory that prides itself on being the first open source clothing factory in the world. “There are people who are trying to make fashion affordable and ethical in their own ways. I would rather support them instead of high-street labels,” she said.

How difficult was it to overcome her urge to splurge?

“I used to buy anywhere between 30 and 50 pieces of fashion clothing and accessories every month so it was quite tough. But I am happy I did the right thing. The whole experience has been quite positive for me. I hope I can inspire people to be happier with less and be equally grateful for what they have,” said Jessica who has documented her days in India and Ghana on her blog: foxesandfood.com