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Tourists and residents visiting Abu Dhabi beaches have been advised to maintain a safe distance from jellyfish. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Tourists and residents visiting Abu Dhabi beaches must maintain a safe distance from jellyfish in the emirate’s waters for their own safety.

A social media alert urging safety around the marine creatures was issued by Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD), the emirate’s environment sector regulator, a day after it announced the presence of rare whales in the waters and called upon beachgoers to steer clear of them.

Common jellyfish

In case beachgoers come across a jellyfish, they should avoid contact with it and maintain a safe distance for their own safety, the EAD advised. The alerts are particularly timely, given the increase in the number of beachgoers in the UAE during the cooler winter months.

According to EAD, there are seven types of jellyfish commonly found in Abu Dhabi waters, the most common being the moon jellyfish and blue blubber jellyfish. Jellyfish colonies tend to appear as the water temperature rises in the summer and begin to gradually decline as the temperature drops.

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Caution urged

These species can inflict minor stings that are harmless, and are generally unnoticed by beachgoers. However, people with allergies should be careful as jellyfish stings can lead to skin rashes, the EAD cautioned. In addition, if stung by a jellyfish, people should consult a doctor or visit a hospital if the sting is serious.