The rare Bryde’s whale spotted in Abu Dhabi waters. Image Credit: Instagram

Abu Dhabi: A rare Bryde’s whale has been spotted in Abu Dhabi waters during seasonal marine surveys, Abu Dhabi’s environment authorities have announced.

In a social media alert, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi explained that the presence of the whales is an indicator of the health and quality of the emirate’s waters, and the abundance of food within them.

Report sightings

The authority also called upon residents to report any rare or abnormal wildlife spotting to the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre on 800555, as this will help monitoring activities and safety efforts.

Bryde’s whales are a species of Baleen whale, a group that also includes blue and humpback whales. They usually measure between 12 and 16 metres long, and are found in tropical and subtropical waters. The EAD has urged residents to keep a safe distance if they encounter a Bryde’s whale.

Previous whale sightings

Last winter, authorities and residents reported sighting whale sharks in Abu Dhabi waters. A juvenile shark that male kept returning to Al Raha Canal, and when he appeared to have lost some weight, the EAD, in collaboration with The National Aquarium, supplemented the waters with krill till he returned to sea. In a bid to ensure safety, the EAD also cautioned residents against swimming in the waters and feeding the fish.