Emirates Post Group announces to launch COP28 commemorative stamps Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Post Group Company (EPG) has launched two exclusive commemorative stamps sets, the ‘COP28 Official Edition’ and the ‘COP28 Youth Edition’, marking.

The ‘COP28 Official Edition Stamps’ set, designed in collaboration with COP28, reaffirms the UAE’s leadership in addressing climate change through the hosting of significant international events such as COP28. It also serves as a testament to the Group’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Dr Sultan Al Jabar, COP28 President, during the launch of COP28 commutative stamps Image Credit: Supplied

The second set of stamps originated from EPG’s efforts, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, to actively engage youth to increase awareness of climate risks and highlight their crucial role in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Thus the ‘COP28 Youth Edition Stamps’ set was designed by Miss Aicha Mohammad Al Zain, the winner of a nationwide stamp design competition held earlier in the year. These stamps set not only commemorate the importance of COP28, but also celebrate the innovative spirit of young minds.

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Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group, said: “The issuance of these two stamps sets not only signify the UAE’s commitment to climate change mitigation but also shine a spotlight on the creative potential of the nation’s youth, it reiterates Emirates Post Group’s pledge towards a green and sustainable future in line with the UAE leadership’s vision on sustainability and efforts to advance international climate action. Their designs also showcase how achieving sustainability goals are intertwined with innovation and culture.

Emirates Post Group announces to launch COP28 commemorative stamps

The ‘COP28 Official Edition Stamps’ and the ‘COP28 Youth Edition Stamps’ issuance, are printed on recycled paper, reflecting EPG’s dedication to environmental impact, and promoting sustainability. With a pledge to minimising paper, ink, and energy usage, EPG’s processes prioritise recyclable packaging whenever possible and efficient delivery planning to reduce transportation impacts.

Commemorative stamps are available at all Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centres as well as on their online store