Tetra Pak
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COP28 presents a great opportunity for the F&B industry in the Middle East to advance its commitment to sustainable practices, as well as showcase its collaborative efforts and discussions poised to drive innovation to find solutions to challenges related to climate change and for the sake of providing safe food and protecting the planet

The leader in F&B packaging and processing, Tetra Pak is actively contributing to advancing sustainability in the region, aligning with key themes at COP28 and the UN SDGs, specifically Zero Hunger (Goal 2) and Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), by collaborating with different governmental and non-governmental entities in the GCC and the broader Middle East.

The company’s initiatives include collaborating with HSA Group to enhance food safety and security in Yemen through a school feeding program, using aseptic packaging technology. In KSA, Tetra Pak’s partnerships with SADAFCO to raise awareness about sustainability and recycling among youth, and with local entities like STP and OPI demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and promote the establishment of a circular economy. Tetra Pak is also engaged in circular economy efforts with the Saudi government, participating in the Packaging Working Group and collaborating with local regulators such as MWAN (National Centre for Waste Management) for the development of waste management regulations. Additionally, the company promotes carton recycling in the UAE, partnering with Union Paper Mills, and supports plant-based manufacturing with Nuitree Food in the UAE, providing a comprehensive sustainable processing and packaging solution. These initiatives collectively showcase Tetra Pak’s dedication to fostering sustainability and addressing key global goals in the Middle East.

These initiatives not only offer opportunities for the F&B sector to make a positive impact on vulnerable areas but also promote the principles of a circular economy and responsible waste management, and involve the public in the fight against climate change.

As COP28 approaches, Tetra Pak remains committed to being at the forefront of positive change in the region’s F&B sector, addressing environmental challenges, promoting sustainability, and aligning its efforts with the UN SDGs.