Cement mixer rolls onto a car killing a mother and son in Abu Dhabi
Cement mixer rolls onto a car killing a mother and son in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: An Emirati mother and son were killed in a tragic road accident in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

Two other sons travelling in the car were also seriously injured and transferred to hospital for treatment.

The son who passed away was identified as 11-year-old Ali Razi Salem Al Maisari. The name of his 40-year-old mother was not immediately made available.

The accident occurred in the Al Bahiya area, on the outskirts of the capital. Pictures from the scene appear to show that a cement mixer had rolled over onto the car. 

They were buried in the graveyard of Abu Dhabi.

Lt. Col. Dr Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of the Traffic Zones Department in the Abu Dhabi Police, said, the Command and Control Center in the Operations Department in the Central Operations Sector at Abu Dhabi Police received a report stating that a collision happened between a readymix truck and light vehicle.

The injured people were transferred to the hospital for treatment and damaged vehicles were cleared from the road, he said.

Meanwhile, Major Abdullah Khamis Al Azizi, Head of the Investigation and Serious Accidents Department in the Traffic Department of External Areas, attributed the accident to the excessive speed without observing the road conditions, which led to the deviation of the tanker over the damaged vehicle.

He called on the drivers and other road users to take care and adhere to the prescribed speed limits and take into account the road conditions and not to be busy while driving the vehicle.