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Riders from over 30 nationalities regularly ride with the group: "The UAE is a wonderful place for bikers. It has some of the best and safest roads in the region."

Dubai: More than 170 bikers from a diverse background are coming together for a cause on the second day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday, on Saturday, in the UAE.

The bikers belonging to different clubs in the UAE will participate in a “Biker Brotherhood Eid Milan Ride”.

The plan: gather at a petrol pump in Dubai where the bikers will have safety briefing and discuss rules before revving their iconic Harleys and BMWs on Dubai roads.

“We will ride through various back roads and small towns of the UAE till we reach the parking lot of Hatta Dam. There, under the painting of UAE’s leaders, we will pledge to raise money for a charity to set up water coolers at [workers’ accommodations] in Dubai,” said Vicky M, a biker in UAE since 1986 and who will be riding a BMW GSA1200 on the day.


“Eid is a period to spend time with one’s family, and for many motorcycle enthusiasts in UAE, the members of their motorcycle clubs are the closest family that they have in this foreign land,” added Vicky, who is President of Biker Brotherhood, a group of bikers in the UAE. He is also the chief organiser of this Eid ride.

“The UAE is a wonderful place for bikers. It has some of the best and safest roads in the region. We have riders from over 30 nationalities regularly riding with us. The Eid Brotherhood ride was designed with the aim for all bikers to celebrate the festivity together, learn the history of Arab culture and raise charity to install the water coolers in labour camps.”

The route and breakfast

An American expat with origins in Mexico and Ecuador, Jorge Muller, will be joining the bikers group to Hatta dam. “I am coming from Abu Dhabi so the day will start for me around 4 am. I will leave my place at 5am to Dubai. In Dubai we will all meet and greet before departing to Hatta dam via Munay mountain road.”

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Breakfast at Hatta Dam

Muller said: “From the ride I expect a beautiful scenery in the company of my fellow bikers. No matter who we ride with or what kind of bike we ride, when we are together, we are one family.”

He added: “Eid to me means the celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan and a reflection of what is to be a good person. People from all backgrounds come together with charity and donations to those less fortunate. It is a pleasure to participate in this ride with over 125 riders.”

Mirza Khud, founder of Pakistani Rider Group (PRG) said: “As every year, this year too we are ending the holy month on a good cause. We are so honoured to say that we are celebrating Eid with our bikers and their families. It is an absolute joy. The biker community endeavours to tell you that we have arranged countless iftar meals and placed water coolers in different locations of UAE where it’s hard to get chilled water. Soon more will be on the way,” he said.

Exhilarating experience

Filipino Jason Caballero Lim, 46, an architect, said: “Going on a motorcycle ride to Hatta with other riders can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. Hatta is a popular destination for bikers, with its scenic routes and winding roads, making it an ideal place to enjoy the freedom of the open road.”

Lim added: “The camaraderie is at its peak when we ride with the pack. Riding in a group can be a great way to bond with other riders who share our love for motorcycles and the thrill of the ride. We share stories and experiences along the way which makes the whole trip memorable.”

“The ride to Hatta itself is likely to be an exciting one, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. The scenery along the way is also likely to be breath-taking, with stunning views of the mountains and the desert landscape.”

Amazing views

Australian expat Andrew Heseltine, who is joining the trip to Hatta Dam as well said: “For the past three years I have been riding the roads, wadis and deserts of the UAE. In the past two weeks, I have ridden the Munay Hatta road twice with fellow riders. The scenery around the mountains never fails to amaze and delight me. The roads are excellent as they cut through the winding and hilly area; it’s a motorcyclist’s dream.”

Heseltine said: “The chance encounter with a local Emirati is always to be treasured, they are always extremely hospitable and intrigued with the machines we ride. If we are lucky, we encounter the police, who always wave or hoot as we ride past. Dams and water are a scarcity in the UAE and this always heightens the anticipation of visiting the beautiful Hatta dam with all the other motorbike riders. I will be joining this ride from Ras Al Khaimah, where I live.”

Spirit of gratitude

Indian expat Mohan R who will be part of the bikers group on Eid day said: “There is one act we all follow every Saturday or Sunday early morning which is nothing but to take our bike and ride to various parts of UAE. Irrespective of our caste, country, or colour of our skin we all call ourselves brothers, because we follow the same spirit of riding inherited in our blood. There is one event we always look forward to, the Eid celebration Brotherhood ride when we gather to meet and greet and ride in discipline to a destination.”

He added: “There, we eat together and share our riding stories and experiences to motivate each other and keep the spirit alive. The best part of this brotherhood ride is our charity contribution for a good cause. All this won’t be possible in any other country other than UAE, so we are very proud to be a UAE resident where we are able to follow our passion of riding safe and security. Thanks to the Rulers of UAE, the poolice, and all other frontline warriors and other unsung heroes for supporting us.”