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Before the mercury hits uncomfortable levels and outdoor activities lose their charm, round up your children and head to Dubai Safari Park that’s offering an unbeatable package for families. For as little as Dh105, a family of five can enjoy the sprawling wildlife attraction that houses 3,000 animals from across the world in its 119-hectare facility. This is the last chance for both children and adults to get up-close with mammals, reptiles and birds in a habitat resembling their natural environment before the park closes for this season on June 2.

Watching lions, tigers, crocodiles, hippos, hyenas, African elephants and such exotic animals in a setting that’s closer to their natural habitat is a wondrous experience for one and all. For children, however, it’s an adventure into the unknown, where species they have only seen on screens or read in books come alive in front of their eyes in their natural surroundings. It’s an introduction that can ignite a life-long love for wildlife and nature.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your family, dress them up in comfy clothes and shoes, slather on the sunscreen, don your hats and make your way to Dubai Safari Park before it downs its shutters for the season.

With the park divided into six themed zones, it’s an easy and thrilling exploration. If you rather not venture out on foot, you can avail of the air-conditioned shuttle train service that will take you from one zone to the other.

Start with the African Village, which is home to cheetah, meerkat, chimpanzee, gorilla and umpteen other species you haven't seen or heard of, along with the world's largest land mammal, the African elephant.

The Explorer Village calls for a one-hour drive-through safari that traverses the recreated African and Asian landscapes inhabited by animals from the two continents. Catch a glimpse of giraffes, antelopes, tigers and zebras from the comfort of your air-conditioned buses. The family package doesn’t cover the Explore Village safari, so make sure you pay at the park entrance for this unmissable experience.

Next up is the Asian Village. From the moon bear and the gibbon to the Mandarin duck and southern cassowary, the village with its diverse wildlife is sure to fill you with awe and wonder.

Embark on a 10-minute bus safari through the Arabian Desert and marvel at some of the fascinating animals indigenous to the region such as the Arabian oryx, gazelle, addax and wolf. It’s a great learning opportunity too as a marshal will be aboard the bus to explain all their interesting features.

If all that adventure puts you in the mood for a break, make your way to Al Wadi, Dubai Safari Park’s picnic spot with lush greenery surrounding a waterbody with swimming ducks and swans. Refuel and recharge at its restaurants and snack kiosks.

And when you are ready for the next leg of the expedition, get to the Kids’ Farm, filled with adorable creatures such as Alexandrine parakeets, Amazon parrots, African lovebirds, Najdi sheep and goats. Kids can interact with child-friendly animals at the petting zoo and even go on short, pony rides if they feel so inclined.

Complimentary feeding sessions for selected, not to mention safe, animals are also available, offering the opportunity to forge long-lasting bonds with animals.

Immersive experiences and interactive shows such as live presentations, educational workshops and wildlife talks too are an integral part of the activities at Dubai Safari Park. They leave a lasting impression making sure that wildlife and nature remain in the foreground and never fade into oblivion as soon as they drop out of sight.

So take advantage of this special promotion for families and plan your visit to the park today. You can book your tickets online at