Hanil Das, Co-founder and CEO, Westford University College

What are the challenges and opportunities you foresee in the education industry, and how is Westford planning to address them?

The education industry faces the challenge of adapting to evolving industry demands. Westford addresses this challenge by seamlessly integrating practical exposure with strong theoretical foundations, equipping professionals with essential skills. Our corporate training programmes foster management skills and bridge the gap between academia and industry, meeting evolving business demands.

We also pioneer flexible and blended learning options, allowing learners to customise their education to their pace, striking a balance between work, life, and studies while enhancing their portfolios. Westford’s commitment is to stay ahead, addressing industry challenges with dedication to producing future-ready professionals and leaders.

Can you outline three impactful incentives or support measures that Westford offers to empower and motivate learners around the world in their pursuit of excellence?

Westford empowers global learners through its dynamic online model, fostering excellence with these key incentives:

Integrated tertiary and professional education: Westford seamlessly blends tertiary education and professional training online, allowing career-driven individuals to pursue master’s degree equivalent programmes worldwide. This facilitates career advancement and education irrespective of location, enhancing the value of their educational journey.

Diverse scholarship opportunities: Westford promotes inclusivity with various scholarships for both new and returning learners. The AccelerateHER programme particularly supports female students, promoting gender diversity in online education.

Global reach and customised corporate training: Westford offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees globally. Its corporate training arm, Westford For Business, customises corporate training for entities in regions such as Ireland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and India, aligning skills with regional needs and fostering development.

Westford Awards: Recognising excellence, Westford Awards honour UAE-based industry experts and organisations. This celebrates achievements and inspires learners and professionals to excel.

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Reflecting on the UAE’s position as a thriving hub for business and entrepreneurship, what are your insights into the readiness and potential of the UAE market, and how does Westford aim to contribute to its growth?

It’s evident that the country is well-prepared and has immense potential for sustained economic growth. The strategic location of the UAE, coupled with its business-friendly policies and commitment to diversification, make it highly attractive for businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the vibrant start-up ecosystem, global talent pool, and multicultural environment further highlight the UAE’s readiness to embrace innovation and support emerging enterprises.

In this context, Westford plays a significant role in contributing to the growth of the UAE market through a multifaceted approach:

Educational excellence: Westford offers a comprehensive range of educational programmes. These programmes are designed to equip UAE’s workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Customised corporate training: Westford collaborates closely with UAE organizations to develop and deliver tailored training programmes. These programmes enhance workforce capabilities, drive innovation, and ultimately contribute to business growth.

Supporting entrepreneurs: The institution actively supports aspiring entrepreneurs in the UAE through initiatives like the Westford Incubator, Westford for Business and Westford Mentorship Programs. These programmes provide education and resources to start and scale businesses, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in the region. These initiatives also connect experienced mentors with professionals and organisations in the UAE, facilitating knowledge transfer and professional development.

The UAE’s readiness and potential for business growth are clear, and Westford’s contributions encompass education, corporate training, entrepreneurship support, and networking, all aimed at fueling the country’s dynamic business landscape.

Could you share Westford’s strategic growth plan for the next five years, highlighting key milestones and initiatives?

Over the next five years, Westford’s strategic growth plan revolves around global expansion and educational excellence.

Global reach and accessibility: Westford aims to make its educational programs accessible worldwide through online education, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to access quality education from anywhere.

Enhanced programme quality: Continuous improvement is a priority, ensuring programmes remain relevant and aligned with industry trends and employer demands to equip learners with practical, up-to-date skills.

Global educational collaborations: Westford has partnered with the British Council in UAE, expanding its regional reach. Its collaboration with Alibaba Cloud Computing also advances technology-driven education.

Westford’s strategic vision prioritises global expansion, programme excellence, and innovation. This plan reflects Westford’s mission to provide high-quality education and professional training globally.

As a distinguished figure in the UAE’s educational landscape, what legacy do you aspire to leave behind for future managers and team leaders within Westford University College?

My legacy at Westford aims to inspire future managers and leaders with a commitment to continuous growth, innovation, and community betterment. I encourage setting ambitious goals, expanding visions, and fostering a culture of self-improvement. Through these principles, I hope to empower individuals to excel, drive positive change, and leave a lasting impact on education in the UAE and beyond.