Visitors to the pavilion joined the celebrations on December 2 Image Credit: Supplied

Guadalajara: UAE’s 51st National Day celebrations yesterday echoed through the 36th Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico, where Sharjah’s Guest of Honour Pavilion paid homage to Emirati heritage and history with a wide range of activities to mark the occasion.

Dressed in traditional Emirati attire, representatives of entities from Sharjah and visitors to the Guest of Honour Pavilion commemorated National Day by hoisting the national flag and playing the UAE’s anthem.

Folk performances rang out during the festivities Image Credit: Supplied

The celebrations were also marked with the distribution of UAE flags throughout the pavilion, asserting Sharjah’s cultural project at the book fair aimed at strengthening relationships between Emirati and Arab cultures with their Mexican and Latin American counterparts.

Presentation for visitors

During the celebration, the Sharjah delegation introduced visitors to the country’s heritage, including the Founders of the Union, the UAE’s history, and educating visitors to the book fair about the union’s formation on December 2, 1971.

Participants from Mexico and Latin American countries learnt about UAE culture and history Image Credit: Supplied

The National Day celebrations also showcased folk performances that attracted the fair’s attendees to the Sharjah Guest of Honour Pavilion to partake in a diverse set of activities that reflected the authentic culture of the nation.

The Sharjah Guest of Honour Pavilion is located at the main entrance of the FIL 2022 book fair Image Credit: Supplied

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During the festive activities, publishers as well as representatives of cultural institutions flocked to the pavilion to congratulate the emirate on National Day and praised Sharjah’s efforts in representing Emirati and Arab culture in the largest book fair in Latin America.