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The University of West London RAK Branch Campus is proud to announce three new courses that will help aspirants boost their career to greater heights. Designed based on the specific skills professionals need to stay competitive and productive in the new normal, these courses further our mission of nurturing capabilities through world class education in line with the institution's future centric agenda.

MSc Artificial Intelligence is at the leading edge of technology with limitless potential. It goes without saying that this area of computer science will be at the heart of technological advances in the future. Our Artificial Intelligence course is taught by a team of expert practitioners and researchers and designed with an emphasis on practical experience. Weekend batches are specially made available for the working professionals where the classes will be held on Fridays.

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security- Cyber attacks have become a serious threat and comprehensive security mechanisms are required to manage the greatest security threat of the future. This course focuses on providing students with the technical abilities needed to protect organizations against cyber-attacks and investigate digital crimes. The program is delivered with excellent hands-on support from our experienced academics.

BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering - From aerospace engineering to telecommunications, a range of career areas are open to students with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. Apart from the theoretical basis and design methods, this course provides practical and organizational skills through project work and presentations.

Above new courses along with the existing courses BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA (Hons) Business Studies, BSc (Hons) Computer Science, MBA and MSc Cyber Security are now available for the next intake in September 2021.

Above all, we provide the rich heritage and the highest standards of our award winning university which has always been feted for its focus on Career success, Innovation and Employability. We exhort ambitious learners to join us and stake the right steps to have a successful and enriching career. University is committed towards making its graduates more employable by imparting the competence, confidence and commitment needed to excel in their chosen careers.

The curriculum is regularly reviewed and refined to ensure that students gain the skills needed for the workplaces of the future. Courses offered are industry-focused and designed to give an upper edge in their careers. Students can leverage industry-specific training facilities, professional development programs, seminars and workshops. Sessions on writing CVs, attending interviews, and gaining employability competencies are delivered to prepare students for their chosen careers.