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When it comes to directing a movie, mine would probably be an action thriller. I adore the actor Zac Efron, and it would be amazing to see him on screen playing hero in my movie! That’s something a lot of people might also want. Now for the villain, I have to go with Alden Ehrenreich. Inspired by his recent hit “Solo-A Star Wars Movie”. The hostage, on the other hand, will be played by Noah Jupe, from “A Quiet Place”. The father of the hostage will be played by Keanu Reeves, and Sandra Bullock will star as his mother.

Plot: This is centred around the abduction of Lucas, the son of the CEO of a major company.

The curious thing about the story would be the kidnapper and his motive or rather the lack thereof. It is up to the audiences to figure out why he did it. The kidnapper being clumsy has left several clues behind. The family is in need of help, which is when they hire a Private Investigator.

The PI then solves the first clue which leads to another one, and goes on solving the clues until he finds the kid locked up in an abandoned basement.

But this isn’t the ending. When Lucas is rescued, the police along with the PI find several other kids who had gone missing since the past few months and who have been held captive as well.

In the end, the kidnapper is found fleeing the police. The kidnapper along with two other men were involved in a series of crimes, and were also “wanted” by the police for a long time. The kidnapper is caught and questioned. But he says he had no motive.

All the other kids are safely taken back to their parents, the kidnapper is put behind bars, and the family thanks the PI and the police. The PI is appreciated for his courage and becomes the talk of the town.

Movie: Abducted


Noah Jupe as Lucas

Alden Ehrenreich as the Kidnapper

Keanu Reeves Lucas’s father

Sandra Bullock as Lucas’ mother

Zac Efron as PI

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