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Sharjah: Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has introduced four new learning models for private schools in the emirate in accordance with the shorter four-day school week announced recently.

Staring from January 3, 2022, private schools will have classes Monday to Thursday, while Friday, Saturday and Sunday will form the new three-day weekend (instead of Fri-Sat previously).

In accordance with the shorter school week, SPEA has approved four models, said Tariq Al Hammadi, director of support services at SPEA.

Longer school day

The first model gives private schools the right to increase the length of the school day and modify their class duration as they deem appropriate and in a manner that fulfils the requirements of their curriculum, without reducing the number of lessons for each subject.

Distance learning hours

In the second model, private schools have the right to add a maximum of three hours per week to implement distance learning after the end of the school day, in line with the objectives and requirements of the curriculum.

Adding one school week

As per the third model, private schools have the right to add a maximum of one working week to the current academic year, either by converting the holidays in the school calendar into school days or by extending the school year.

Ministry of Education curriculum

The fourth and final model is for private schools that follow the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum. They will adhere to the timetable set by the ministry regarding assessment and exams only. They will have the right to apply the appropriate procedures listed for amending the academic year’s study schedules.

Flexibility for private schools

The models were discussed by Al Hammadi during his comments on Tuesday during a live broadcast of Sharjah Radio’s ‘Direct Line’ programme. He said private schools in Sharjah have the right to implement procedures according to what each school deems appropriate by modifying its schedules in relation to the curricula they follow.

In all, 10 curriculums are taught in private schools in Sharjah, including MoE, British, Indian, and American.