We are at the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution and education must keep pace so the next generation can thrive and achieve their potential. The secondary curriculum at Regent International School is designed for the 21st century learner and promotes the mastery of subjects and development of skills so students become lifelong learners and changemakers.

Regent’s secondary curriculum is distinguished with its unique project-based Learning (PBL) pedagogy where students “learn by doing,” working on real-world projects developing products and solutions to solve real-world problems. Students combine knowledge and skills from different subjects and develop the 5C skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and commitment, so critical to success in today’s world.

Regent is further distinguished with its unique Signature Programmes in STEAM and Robotics, Coding, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, which are woven into the curriculum and its PBL approach to education.

Jason King, Principal of Regent says, “Every child at Regent makes outstanding progress because of a very supportive and intellectually challenging environment. Through multiple conversations and career counselling throughout the year, our teachers carefully guide and support students in their secondary subject choices in Year 10 and 11 and beyond. Regent also holds a Virtual Options Week in January every year for students who, with their parents, meet our secondary teachers to discuss their subject and career pathways before the final choices are made. Regent has wide subject options to ensure students can work towards their chosen universities and desired careers.”

Regent International School follows the National Curriculum of England and offers an outstanding education culminating in the GCSEs and BTECs in Year 10 and 11, and A levels in Year 12 and 13. Regent is rated “Outstanding” by the British School Overseas Inspection authority and “Very Good” by KHDA.

King add by saying, “Regent has a rich history of over 27 years. We are recognised as one of the leading and most innovative schools in the region, as well as a global leader in Positive Education, where academic and personal achievement are combined with well-being and character development enabling children to flourish and achieve their aspirations and dreams. All our teachers are trained in our Positive Education philosophy and are committed to nurturing students both academically and pastorally so they can thrive.”