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Premier Genie is a UAE and India based company catering to students across US, UK, UAE, India and Africa. Started in 2014, Premier Genie has grown from a small setup of two instructors and 20 students to an education behemoth catering to over 200,000 students globally with 150 full time and part-time instructors. Premier Genie manages a global pool of instructors based in the UAE, UK, US, India and Oman centrally from UAE and India.

Premier Genie has in a short span become a household name in the UAE and India where students across different grades and curriculum join their exciting programme.

Premier Genie students have graduated and joined top-tier universities in the US and UK, such as Stanford, NYU, UC Berkeley, Purdue, Johns Hopkins, McGill and University of Toronto etc. The coding programme designed by alumni from IIT/IIM/MIT prepares the students to tackle the challenges of an ever-increasing digital world.

Did you know that 80 per cent of all jobs created in the next decade will be in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics? Educating children in coding and digital tools foster innovation in children and encourages them to explore the various facets of technology, engineering and mathematics in exciting and hands-on manner.

Premier Genie is a leading coding platform that bridges the gap between theoretical and hands-on learning via in-center and online programme. The idea is to integrate concepts of various sciences like physics, mathematics and biology into coding based learning that challenges the child to think beyond the regular academic curriculum. Children develop abstract thinking, logical analysis, sequencing and programming skills at an early age giving them competitive advantage later in universities.

Need of the hour

Maloy Burman, CEO, Premier Genie

Maloy Burman, CEO, Premier Genie, says,
“Concepts, such as artificial Intelligence, machine
learning, 3D designing and printing, virtual reality, block chain technologies are disrupting the market. Getting students prepared for these changes is the need of the hour. Premier Genie works with all the stakeholders, such as students, parents, school administration, science teachers and communities to generate awareness on STEM and its importance. Organising workshops for the teachers and students on cutting-edge technologies and competitions related to STEM education ensures that students get to solve challenging tasks offered by STEM Olympiad, the First Lego League, World Robot Olympiad etc.”

Maloy Burman, an ex-banker and an MBA from HEC Paris started Premier Genie along with his wife Asha Burman (COO) after a visit to Johns Hopkins campus in the US. While dropping his child for a month-long summer camp, he realised the need to bring access to top quality education (like the one provide by Johns Hopkins) to the rest of the world. With this mission in mind, he entered into the exciting world of education.

Asha Burman, COO, Premier Genie

Premier Genie currently offers Computer Science (coding) classes teaching Python, Mobile App Development, Robotics, Arduino, Mathematics, English and training in competitive examinations, such as SAT, ACT TOEFL, IETLS and SAT/AP subject tests.

To book a free demo, students can contact +971 55 366 3900/+971 55 810 3057, or email

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