ATP students celebrating after CBSE announced results on May 13, 2024 Image Credit: Supplied

The academic results for 2024 have been announced, and ATP STEM has emerged as a leading institute known for its balanced academic preparation. Students from the institute not only achieved the highest percentage of success rates but also excelled in board exam scores.

Among the standout performers is Saayuj Mathew, who scored an impressive 98.84 percentile in the JEE Main.

Saayuj also achieved notable ranks in the Olympiads, securing 4th place in Chemistry and 6th place in Physics, and is set to represent the UAE in the coming months.

He has been accepted into several prestigious institutions, including Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, Purdue University, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the USA, Imperial College London, University College London, and the University of Bristol in the UK, and the University of Toronto in Canada.

Other top performers include Rushi Patel from Indian High School, who scored 98.35 percentile in JEE Main and excelled in his CBSE board exams with 99 in Chemistry, 97 in Math, and 95 in Physics.

ATP’s class of 2024 Image Credit: Supplied

Vansh Wigh from Millennium School scored 98.24 percentile in JEE Main, with board scores of 98 in Chemistry, 97 in Math, and 95 in Physics.

The success of ATP STEM students highlights a significant aspect of education in the UAE, where mandatory school attendance leaves limited time for self-study. This places a premium on the effectiveness of instructional hours.

ATP STEM’s study materials are designed to maximise efficiency, with 50 targeted questions per topic bringing students closer to mastery in JEE or NEET preparation, compared to the typical comprehensive materials.

Notably, JEE and NEET students can often be seen studying on the ATP campus even when no classes are scheduled.

The institute fosters a close-knit community where students are highly motivated to achieve their goals through self-study and group discussions, a rare environment in the UAE.

In grade 10 ICSE, Khyati Aggarwal and Spriha Pandey from GEMS Modern Academy topped the UAE, both being ATP STEM students. This marks the first time that students from the same institute have topped the UAE for two consecutive years, each scoring an outstanding 99.2 per cent in their board exams.

In grade 10 CBSE, numerous students scored above 95 per cent in Science and Math, with Eshal Manashir from Our Own English High School, Warqa, achieving a perfect score of 100/100 in Science, and Jaishnu Sulakshan from IHS scoring 100/100 in Math.

The success of ATP STEM can be attributed to several factors. Students and parents have direct access to teachers via WhatsApp, allowing them to clarify doubts at any time. Khyati Aggarwal, in an interview, mentioned how she was able to clear last-minute confusions through WhatsApp messages one day before the exam, which helped maintain her confidence.

Another unique aspect of ATP’s training is its rigorous testing mechanism. Students write around 96 subjective test papers a year, which are hand-corrected by teachers, providing opportunities for students to identify mistakes and improve their exam presentation.

ATP STEM continues to set a benchmark for educational excellence, demonstrating the effectiveness of its tailored approach to student success in both competitive exams and board results.