Parents can access the full 20-page result of schools on KHDA’s website. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: No Indian and Pakistani schools have received an 'outstanding' grade upon the first Knowledge and Human Development Authority's (KHDA's) inspections.

Of the 23 schools inspected, seven were rated "good", five were "unsatisfactory" - two of the three Pakistani schools inspected received the "unsatisfactory" grade.

A full 20-page report on individual schools will be available on the KHDA website on Thursday .

Inspection Ratings of Indian and Pakistani Schools in Dubai - 2009/10
School Name Curriculum Year Levels Taught Inspection Rating Number of Students
Delhi Private School Dubai CBSE KG1-G12 Good 2657
Dubai Modern High School CISCE KG1-G12 Good 2318
Our Own English High School CBSE KG1-G12 Good 6915
Rajagiri International School CBSE KG1-G3 Good 505
The Indian High School CBSE G5-G12 Good 5097
The Millennium School CBSE KG1-G12 Good 2660
The Indian High School - Branch CBSE KG1-G4 Good 4142
Crescent English School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 1361
Emirates English Speaking School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 1255
Gulf Indian High School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 1950
Gulf Model School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 1927
New Indian Model School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 5845
Our Own High School Dubai CBSE G1-G12 Acceptable 4573
Our Own Indian School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 3570
The Central School CBSE KG1-G12 Acceptable 2036
The Elite English School CBSE KG1-G10 Acceptable 663
The Kindergarten Starters CBSE KG1-G5 Acceptable 4753
Al Majd Indian School CBSE KG1-G10 Unsatisfactory 1034
Buds Public School CBSE KG1-G11 Unsatisfactory 679
Little Flowers Indian School CBSE KG1-G7 Unsatisfactory 564
  Total of Students at Indian Schools 54504
His Highness Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Pakistani KG1-G12 Acceptable 1032
Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School Pakistani KG1-G10 Unsatisfactory 726
Pakistan Education Academy Pakistani KG1-G12 Unsatisfactory 1648
  Total of Students at Pakistani Schools 3406