Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan honours a meritorious students at the Indian High School on Sunday. Image Credit: Courtesy: IHS

Dubai: More than 500 students received their grade 12 graduation certificates from Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, at the Indian High School Dubai on Sunday.

The 2017-18 batch is the 56th batch to graduate from the Indian High School, one of the oldest schools in the city. Graduates included 305 girls and 255 boys from the arts, commerce and science streams.

In an address laced with subtle humour that left the audience in splits, Al Nahyan reminded the students of their social responsibility as individuals entering a new world and what a crucial role they can play in bringing an positive social change with their new ideas.

“I am hear to tell you that your school has prepared you to be more than a college or university student. The Indian High School has prepared you to be a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to the most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges,” Al Nahyan said.

He cited the examples of Shaikh Zayed and ancient Indian emperor Ashoka as great social entrepreneurs, adding that Ashoka relinquished warfare after realising the horror and destruction it creates, and set out to bring social change.

“Like an entrepreneur, he sought change and he changed a wearing society into a thriving and peaceful society. This is what another great social entrepreneur of our country, Shaikh Zayed, also did,” Al Nahyan said.

He added that Shaikh Zayed was a formidable social entrepreneur, who transformed the emirates into a country, which in just a few decades became capable of competing with long-established and fully developed nations of the world.

“In the face of monumental challenges, Shaikh Zayed invited talented individuals to live and work in the UAE under the protection of the welcoming Arab tent, who built the international team, equipped with the knowledge to solve problems, overcome obstacles and create opportunities,” Al Nahyan said.

However, he added, that one doesn’t have to be a head of state to become a social entrepreneur.

“Many of the students who are graduating today might continue to stay in the UAE and carry forward the country’s unbelievable progress in the last 46 years. I wish you all the luck for your future and urge you to become social entrepreneurs and trigger a social change,” Al Nahyan said.

He added: “I am sure you are all committed to the well-being of the society and you are all the hope of the future.”