Majd Hussain
Majd Hussain, Principal, American School of Creative Science, Maliha Road during a panel discussion on "Choosing the right K-12 school for your child" Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Choosing the right school for your child is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact their educational journey and future growth. In Dubai, where educational opportunities abound, selecting the best fit from a plethora of international and private schools can be overwhelming for parents.

Majd Hussain, Principal of the American School of Creative Science, Maliha Road, emphasises the importance of considering the school's culture. "Parents should align the school's values and future plans with their child's needs," says Hussian. "For instance, if a family intends to return to their home country for further education, they should look for a curriculum that facilitates this transition.The UAE offers a variety of schooling options, but what suits one family may not suit another. Therefore, parents should prioritise finding a cultural environment that is suitable for their child before considering other factors such as curriculum or school rankings."

Understanding your child's learning style and educational goals is paramount. Hussain advises parents to assess whether they want their child to be prepared for the future, maintain their cultural identity, or become bilingual. "Understanding these goals will help parents find a school that meets their child's needs," she says.

Assessing the school's culture involves visiting the school, speaking to staff, attending open days, and taking a school tour. Hussain believes these interactions provide insight into the school's environment and compatibility with the child's needs.

Communication between parents and schools is crucial. Establishing a partnership ensures that both parties are working towards the child's best interests. Hussain suggests parents inquire about the school's communication methods to ensure they are comfortable with them. "Effective communication is key to ensuring that both parents and the school are working towards the best interests of the child," she says. "This partnership should involve listening to parents' feedback and incorporating it into decision-making processes."