Thumbay Medicity
Thumbay Medicity Image Credit: Supplied

Gulf Medical University (GMU), which is owned and managed by Thumbay Group, provides innovative pathways to aspiring healthcare professionals. Celebrating 25 years in the UAE, GMU offers a diverse range of programmes tailored for career success, including Pathway to Medicine and International Foundation programmes. The foundation programmes cater to undergraduate students aspiring to enter medical and non-medical fields.

Gulf Medical University’s renowned Pathway to Medicine programme, accredited by the higher education department, offers three years of pre-clinical study at its UAE campus followed by three years of medical and clinical studies in premier international destinations such as Poland, Italy, Ghana, Malaysia, Egypt, the UK, and the US. Meanwhile, the University of London Medical Foundation programme and Upper Austria International Foundation programme provide gateways to admissions in leading institutes in the UK, Austria, and Germany.

Moreover, GMU offers a comprehensive array of masters, executive masters, and graduate programmes in specialised fields. The institution also stands out with diploma programmes such as Dental Assistant and Pharmacy Technician, alongside bachelor and undergraduate programmes spanning Dentistry, Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, and Physiotherapy, among others. GMU also seamlessly integrates AI and informatics into its curriculum.

Through certificate courses offered by Thumbay Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in collaboration with MIT xPro, GMU ensures students are trained to analyse data, make informed decisions, and drive innovation in healthcare.

Its commitment to shaping the future of healthcare education is evident in its ambitious Vision 2028. Upcoming plans include: Thumbay Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Thumbay Institute of Autism, Thumbay Institute of Wellness which highlight its keenness to leading education in diverse segments of healthcare. Additionally, plans for institutes focusing on Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Unani along with Insurance demonstrate GMU’s holistic approach to global healthcare and medico-legal studies.

GMU’s Vision 2028 aims to double student intake while reshaping health education. Emphasis on behavioural sciences and communication skills alongside biomedical sciences cultivates empathetic healthcare professionals adept at navigating patient care complexities and meeting the needs of diverse communities in the UAE and beyond.