Abu Dhabi: The 6th of August School, one of the new schools granted by Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) to house former ‘villa school' students, is working on renaming itself the Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy, to better reflect its curriculum and community.

Following a decision to ask six villa schools to close by June, Adec provided two alternative buildings to run schools that will house students who previously attended the ‘villa schools'.

One of them, initially called the 6th of August, will provide an alternative to students who had attended Pioneers International school, which was largely made up of students of a Filipino background.

"The school will basically follow an English language curriculum but with Filipino supplements," Esref Temel, operations manager at Universal Future Education (UFE), which operates the new school said.

"For instance, subjects like the Filipino language and home economics, which follow a Filipino curriculum, will be included in the students' study programme," he added.

Temel said that the school is waiting for approval to rename itself to reflect these facts.

The 6th of August School is located on Muroor Street. At the moment, it provides enrolment from grades KG (Kindergarten) through 10, at which 11th and 12th grades will later be added, according to demand.

"Our aim is also to allow students who study here to be able to pursue university in the UAE. We want to keep families together, so that students don't have to go back to the Philippines for education if their family resides here," Temel added.

The new school has provided a much-needed alternative to Pioneers International for the Filipino community in Abu Dhabi, as many parents were concerned about where they would place their children after the closure.

"Many parents were worried. Not many schools provide a Filipino-oriented curriculum," Tony Morales, former Parent Teacher Council Advisor at Pioneers said.

"This new school provided much-needed relief to many," he added.

Former teachers from Pioneers are also among the beneficiaries of the new project. Many will be allowed a chance to teach at the new school.

"We will try to employ as many as we can. We of course don't want these teachers to remain jobless. However, we have to abide by Adec's standards. Teachers have to fit our requirements in order to teach here," Temel added.

The 6th of August School is tailored to absorb 1,323 students. Adec is working with officials to allow students who wish to return to the Philippines to continue their education by providing them with a curriculum that allows them to do so.