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Clint Khan, Director, Y-Axis

Clint Khan

At Edufair, we showcased numerous opportunities for pursuing higher education abroad, particularly in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, and Switzerland. Many of these countries also provide pathways to permanent residency and citizenship. Students aiming for overseas education should prepare for standardised tests, establish a regular study routine, and allocate sufficient time for practice and enhancement. At Y-Axis, we provide support for each destination, facilitating a smooth transition and successful application process.

Antonita Prescilla Jules, Sr. Admissions, GIIS Dubai

Antonita Prescilla Jules

We showcased our enriched CBSE curriculum at Edufair. This unique curriculum is complemented by award-winning programmes like Global Montessori Plus Programme and 9GEMS, which help our students become global citizens. At Edufair, we also highlighted a wide variety of all-inclusive extracurricular activities as well as our career mapping and robust career counselling programme.

Pooja Bathija, Admissions Manager, Glendale International School

Pooja Bathija

Glendale International School, part of the Global Schools Group with 64 schools across 11 countries, offers an enriched British curriculum. At Edufair, we showcased our unique approach to delivering this curriculum. Our immersion labs provide hands-on experiences in various subjects, enriching learning for all ages. Moreover, our Nikon photography workshop, starting from age three, offers a creative outlet for students of all grades. Complementing this, our music programme nurtures artistic talents. The Imaginarium stimulates children's imagination, while our black box room fosters public speaking, communication, and confidence-building skills. Our Leader in Me programme focuses on developing leadership skills. Together, these elements enhance the curriculum, providing a holistic educational experience.

Ritika Anand, Principal, Deira Private School

Ritika Anand

Parents nowadays prioritise schools that provide a holistic education. They seek a nurturing environment and a curriculum that not only promotes academic growth but also fosters essential life skills. With a growing openness to new-age professions, parents expect schools to equip children with the necessary skills for these careers. Deira Private School meets these expectations, offering a truly well-rounded education and an inclusive environment with 20 per cent special students. Edufair provided us with a valuable platform to engage with parents from diverse backgrounds and collaborate with industry partners. Panel discussions allowed us to share our perspectives on critical issues and strengthen the education community through meaningful interactions.

Rajani Nalla, Founder & CEO, Trusity Innovations Learning

Rajani Nalla

Trusity is a skill-tech platform dedicated to fostering 21st-century and employability skills in children. At Edufair, we highlighted our TruPreneur programme that covers the essential topics for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication, students have the chance to create solutions to real-world challenges. Edufair provided a platform for parents to engage with different education institutions, facilitating face-to-face interactions to clarify doubts and make decisions about their children's education journey.

Feriel Aggad, Nursery Manager, Skycourt branch, Chubby Cheeks Nursery

Feriel Aggad

At Edufair, we met several parents looking for a safe and professionally managed nursery that also has a comprehensive curriculum. Our special promotion caught the interest of many parents, who expressed enthusiasm about enrolling their children.

Sabina Sajid Ali, Lead SEN Coordinator, British Orchard Nursery

Sabina Sajid Ali

Edufair's free-to-attend platform welcomed parents to explore different education options for their children. We received numerous enquiries about our nurseries and teacher training programme. The event provided a great opportunity to connect with industry peers and parents.