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Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, with other members Image Credit:

Dubai: Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has celebrated the 10th anniversary of seven youth who joined EEG as student members.

EEG chairperson Habiba Al Mar’ashi said she was delighted on the occasion. She added that the celebration of “loyal members” is part of the group’s approach to appreciate the efforts made by students “in service of the society, hoping that these students will inspire their peers and become an example to follow in protecting and preserving the environment”.

The chairperson also said that, throughout their membership with EEG, these students have demonstrated that “the keys to changing the future are in the hands of young people. They are capable of developing solutions to environmental challenges, working to combat global warming, and promoting sustainability through their efforts and involvement with activities and groups that raise the banner of environmental protection”.

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Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, with students

The students expressed their gratitude to Al Mar’ashi and EEG, affirming to promote and work towards achieve sustainability with EEG, by getting involved in its diverse activities and community-oriented environmental programmes.