Zayed University's degree, a Master of Science in Information Technology Specialisation in Cybersecurity, focuses on developing concepts that help fight hackers Image Credit: Supplied

1. Cybersecurity

We live in a connected world brimming with computers, mobiles, and billions of sensors streaming data all over the place. So it is not surprising that experts in cybersecurity are in huge demand, and will continue to be in the future.

Zayed University offers a Master of Science in Information Technology Specialisation in Cybersecurity, where the focus is on development of concepts, knowledge and skills that enable successful participants to become experts in the area of information security, internet crime prevention, and digital crime investigation.

2. International relations

A connected world is also a fertile ground for experts in international relations. Middlesex University Dubai offers an International Relations postgraduate degree that aims to provide a “relevant introduction to the rapidly changing world”.

Students will learn to identify and assess national interests and analyse the foreign and defence policy needs of sovereign powers and the policy choices of national and international leaders.

“This programme is designed for those who want to explore the complex dynamics of the international political system, and the wider implications for globalisation and security,” says the website.

3. Mechatronics engineering

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) says that Mechatronics has evolved as a distinct engineering discipline over the past few years. It is a blend of mechanics, electronics, information technology and computers.

Since students study a range of disciplines, they are well-equipped to go into a wide range of jobs in electrical or mechanical engineering, as well as software development and managerial positions.

4. Urban planning

In the future, we will be living in smart cities, and either thanking or cursing the urban planner behind it. And to become one, AUS offers the Master of Urban Planning degree.

The institution claims this to be the only professional programme of its kind in the country, empowering students to undertake a range of leadership roles for managing urban growth, prescribing urbanisation policies and advancing social development. 

5. Business communication

SP Jain School of Global Management offers the Bachelor of Business Communication programme to help students master the intricate dynamics of communication, a fast-growing function of management in the modern, e-enabled world.

“Through this course, students gain powerful insights and practice in reputation management, journalism, public relations, crisis communication, social media and intercultural communication,” says Professor Arindam Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Finance and Director, Student Recruitment at SP Jain.

6. Applied psychology

Offered by Amity University of Dubai, this degree will enable students to gain an understanding of the key areas of developmental, abnormal, social, cognitive and counselling psychologies, as well as behaviour modification and research methods.

It can be utilised for jobs in almost every industry and in specific roles that involve influencing human behaviour such as marketing, sales, counselling and social work. Graduates can also work as counsellors or be involved in research projects.

7. Fashion design

Graduates of this programme will have an opportunity to produce ideas and creations for labels around the world. Alternatively, graduates can also help in the business side of the fashion industry, including merchandising, marketing, production and management.

“Dubai with its growing reputation as a launch pad for big brand events is now evolving into a fully-fledged fashion capital for the Middle East and North Africa and is all set to be a global fashion hub by 2020,” explains Shaikh.

8. Forensic science 

Shaikh believes forensic science has emerged as a very prestigious profession, opening up career opportunities for medical examiners, crime laboratory analysts, crime scene examiners, forensic engineers and language experts.

Amity’s undergraduate programme in Forensic Science has been attracting students from different parts of the world, and adding a Master’s degree was a logical extension.

9. Journalism and Mass Communication

Mariam Shaikh, Vice-President, Student Recruitment and Admissions at Amity University Dubai, believes that the presence of Dubai Media City, a regional hub for media organisations, will accelerate the need for more dedicated professionals in this region.

“With the expanding world of new media, opportunities for employment in this field will increase over the next decade” says Mariam. A course in Journalism and Mass Communication will help individuals launch their careers in the media industry, with opportunities in journalism, PR, television, radio broadcasting, photojournalism, media research and more. 

10. Film and new media

No matter what the future has in store, we can be sure people will still be watching films.

The Film and New Media course offered by New York University Abu Dhabi promises to be a vibrant training ground that prepares students for a lifetime of creative and critical thinking and rigorous analysis of media, as well as careers as filmmakers, scholars, curators, critics, educators, innovators and leaders in film and new media organisations and industries.