Online classes at Curtin Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

The COVID-19 pandemic and the safety measures that have been taken to contain the spread have created serious concerns for many parents and secondary school students. With the announcement of the cancellation of the international board examinations and the international travel restrictions, there are many questions about how to get admission to universities and whether students will be able to travel internationally, to start their university studies.

To put parents and students at ease, at Curtin University, including the Dubai campus, admissions requirements have been adjusted to address the current reality. Students may now enrol based on projected board marks or the marks from their final year of secondary school. As English testing is also not easily accessible, Curtin offers a fully online English proficiency exam.

For international students wishing to study at Curtin Dubai, fully interactive online classes are available so students can enrol and begin their studies now, and travel to the UAE when restrictions are lifted. For students who were intending to study outside of the UAE but are unable to do so because of international travel restrictions, Curtin Dubai is offering enrolment to these students so that they do not delay their studies, and the students will be able to transfer to their desired international university when the travel restrictions end.

It is very important that students do not allow COVID-19 to delay the start of their university education. Students who take a gap year have a much reduced likelihood of actually taking up university studies and as they have gotten out of their study habits, tend to struggle more. Delaying by a year also has long term financial implications as it delays the student joining the workforce and earning a salary for a year, which represents tens of thousands of dollars in income.

For more details on admissions, visit Curtindubai.ac.ae

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