This week, the American School of Dubai’s Class of 2023 were able to experience some of the school’s time-honoured traditions for graduating senior students, including a Red Envelope Ceremony, where students were given letters of encouragement and advice from teachers, friends, and family; and a celebratory Senior Parade for their last walk down the halls of campus.

This weekend, ASD Class of 2023 will complete their high school journey at the school’s 30th Graduation Ceremony.

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“We are extremely proud of all of our graduates and grateful for their positive leadership and influence on our learning community,” says Kristine Stamp-Jerabek, High School Principal.

ASD has also given special recognition to several senior students who have made outstanding contributions to the school community in the areas of arts, athletics, service, science, business, technology, diplomacy, and international understanding. We highlight several of these achievements below.

- Excellence in academics, arts, athletics, leadership, and service

- Valedictorians: Daniel El-Sharkawy, Mark Sorial, and Chanseok Hwang

- Distinguished Service Award: Defne Ergoz

- Award for International Understanding: Defne Ergoz

- The Bob Ackerman Award for Excellence in Technological Innovation: Mark Sorial

- The Phil Ridley and Ahne Crawford-Ridley Scholarship: Anaka Brawn

- Senior Arts Award: Talia Fayyad

- The Dale Haus Waldoch Visual Art Award: Dyani

- The Mike Ross Award: Payton Andrews

- The Megan Garrison Athletic Award: Adeola Olashore

- The Michelle Pazos Scholarship: Nathalie Hanzlik-Meech

- Senior Athlete Award: Anthony El Helou

- The Sikander Shallwani Senior Business Award: Sima El Barbir

- The Ambassador’s Award for Academic Excellence: To be announced

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ASD Lifers

For 24 senior students, the commencement ceremony will feel that much more special, marking the end of a long school career at ASD that started in kindergarten — 13 or 14 years ago. This year’s ASD Lifers are:

Aidan Patrick Keane, Alya Gultekin, Amani Elizabeth Flynn, Amina Jilani, Amytis Radpay, Anjika Chandra Bhatnagar, Anusha Nirikshit Shah, Arisha Ashish Nurani, Chanseok Hwang, Ilian Omar Jarmache, Keyaan Nawaz Khan, Maya Abdelwadood, Naina Lalchandani, Nihal Mohit Khatwani, Rashad Tarek Qaddumi, Saachi Girish Hiranandani, Sabine Serhan, Safwan Raslan, Salma Tareq Abdulla, Syed Zayn Raza, Tahlia Sunil Jatwani, Teo Wassim Nasrallah, Tiana Lillywhite, and Yuvraj Kabir Valrani.