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Students at 42 Abu Dhabi have worked on a range of hands-on projects, including robotics. Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli | Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: During a period where traditional schooling no longer suffices for the demands of the modern job market, employers are increasingly seeking graduates equipped with specific, practical skills.

Responding to this shift, 42 Abu Dhabi emerges as a vital educational avenue, offering a unique approach to skill-based learning, particularly in coding and technology. Marcos Muller Habig, the acting CEO, sheds light on this transformative educational model.

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42 Abu Dhabi is the first coding school of its kind in the GCC with no classes. Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli | Gulf News

The rise of skill-based learning

Explaining the evolution in education, Habig states: “Employers now seek candidates with the exact skills needed for their roles. This trend has elevated the importance of practical skills and experiences, leading to the growing popularity of institutions like 42 Abu Dhabi, which focus on industry-relevant and skill-based learning.”

Why coding matters

In today’s interconnected and technology-driven world, coding has become a crucial skill.

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Marcos Muller-Habig, acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli | Gulf News

“Coding is the language of the future,” Habig emphasizes. “It not only involves breaking down complex problems but also develops analytical skills and logical reasoning, vital across various sectors. Moreover, coding fosters creativity and innovation, essential for driving economic growth.”

Real-world impact of coding skills

42 Abu Dhabi’s students have leveraged their coding expertise in numerous real-life projects.

Habig highlights the development of ‘Tahlili,’ an AI-driven platform offering easy-to-understand lab test results and health recommendations, showcasing how coding skills can directly benefit the community.

Success stories from 42 Abu Dhabi

The institute has witnessed several success stories underscoring the impact of skill-based learning. “Our students have worked on a range of hands-on projects,” says Habig.

“For instance, they created an eco-friendly robot and developed Synaera, a mobile app that translates sign language, demonstrating the practical application and societal benefit of their skills.”

Preparing students for the job market

To ensure students are well-prepared for career success, 42 Abu Dhabi focuses on teaching vital digital skills.

“We collaborate with industry partners to provide internships and job opportunities,” Habig explains.

“This approach not only aligns with the UAE’s vision as a hub for coding and digital economy but also ensures our students are ready for the technological and digital industries.”

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42 Abu Dhabi coding school.

Programming and AI: A synergistic relationship

Addressing the interplay between programming and AI, Habig notes: “Programming is foundational for developing AI systems. By using programming languages, AI developers can create algorithms that enable machines to learn and make decisions, an essential skill in our digital age.”

What is 42 Abu Dhabi?

42 Abu Dhabi, part of a global network, represents a new model of learning free from traditional classroom structures and tuition fees.

The number ‘42’ symbolizes the answer to life, the universe, and everything from Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” reflecting the school’s aim to solve complex challenges through innovative education. Its curriculum focuses on peer-to-peer learning and project-based tasks, preparing students for the evolving technological world.

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Ahmed Salem 42 Abu Dhabi Student Photo: Afra Al Nofeli / Gulf News

UAE’s vision for a technologically-skilled generation

Habig concludes by praising the UAE’s strategy to prepare a technologically creative generation.

“The focus on digitalisation in the UAE has opened vast opportunities for young, tech-savvy individuals. At 42 Abu Dhabi, we are committed to nurturing local talents to meet these demands, contributing to the UAE’s transition to a sustainable digital economy.”

In a world where digital skills are increasingly crucial, 42 Abu Dhabi, under Habig’s leadership, stands as a key player in shaping a generation ready to innovate and lead in the global digital landscape.