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Abu Dhabi: The collaboration between the Artificial Intelligence (AI), the UAE Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office and the pioneering coding institution, 42 Abu Dhabi, recently marked a pivotal moment in the emirate’s pursuit of technological excellence.

With a focus on equipping the youth with transformative knowledge, the duo hosted enlightening sessions centered around blockchain technology and digital transformation.

Further enriching the initiative, 42 Abu Dhabi, a coding institution, partnered with the globally-acclaimed Amazon Web Services (AWS) to present a session titled “The road to becoming a successful cloud engineer”.

These workshops were seamlessly woven into the fabric of the AI Summer Camp 2023, a monumental event orchestrated by the AI, Digital Economy & Remote Work Applications Office.

The workshop, designed to facilitate advanced learning and networking, offere a comprehensive exploration of emerging AI and technology-related trends.

Digital transformation

Dr. Hazim Jarrah, an Assistant Professor at 42 Abu Dhabi and a holder of a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, spearheaded the first session.

His engaging workshop delved into the profound impact of digitisation and digital transformation on the operational landscape of organizations. Rooted in this exploration was the transformative potential of blockchain technology, a potent force poised to usher in secure and transparent transactions across various industries, from finance to supply chain management and healthcare.

Participants in these sessions gained invaluable insights into the significance of digitisation and the ripple effect it causes in the contemporary business realm. The realm of blockchain technology, with its potential to shape the world as we know it, was discussed.

Delivered by Mohammed Fazalullah Qudrath, Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, this session unravelled the toolkit and essential skills required to flourish in the cloud engineering sphere. Attendees discovered foundational skills and modern architectural paradigms necessary to thrive in this dynamic field.

UAE’s role

Saqr Bin Ghalib, Executive Director at the UAE Office of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, highlighted the pivotal role of the UAE AI Camp as a catalyst for collaboration among government entities, private sectors, and leading technology companies.

This initiative stands as a beacon of knowledge and skill dissemination in fields ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain and cloud computing, seamlessly aligning with the government’s vision and strategies for embracing emerging technologies and nurturing future generations.

Marcos Muller Habig, Acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi, emphasized the institution’s commitment to positioning its students at the forefront of the emirate’s digital transformation journey.

These workshops, as he stated, seamlessly align with 42 Abu Dhabi’s mission to empower students with the tools to embrace new technologies and keep abreast of their continuous evolution.

Talent incubator

These workshops reaffirm the institution’s role as a talent incubator, dedicated to equipping students with the skills to succeed in the digital domain and push the boundaries of the digital sphere.
42 Abu Dhabi, established in 2020 as an initiative of ADEK, stands as a beacon of innovative education in the coding arena, contributing significantly to Abu Dhabi’s multifaceted growth in business, innovation, and human capital developmentAs Hussain Awadh, a prominent figure in 42 Abu Dhabi’s coding landscape, exemplified, opportunities abound in this dynamic environment.

With no prior coding background, Hussain swiftly ascended to a prominent position. His contribution included the creation of the Talent Hub Platform, a revolutionary tool that streamlines recruitment processes, reflecting the innovative spirit fostered by 42 Abu Dhabi.

Hussain Awadh further said: “The workshop’s focus on industry insights and use cases was invaluable. Learning about how blockchain is being utilized in sectors like finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and more gave me a broader understanding of its potential impact on the world.

"The workshop has equipped me with the industry insights and fundamentals necessary to contribute to the Emirate’s digital transformation. It also sparked my interest in blockchain technology and inspired me to deepen my knowledge on this key topic."


Jafar Alwaheidi, a student in the coding realm, shared his journey of transition from E-business to coding. His aspiration to venture into robotics and gaming fields upon graduation was underscored by his participation in the blockchain workshop, which he found immensely enriching.

He said:, “As a coder at 42 Abu Dhabi, attending the workshop on blockchain technology has been an incredibly valuable experience that has enriched my skills, knowledge, and perspective in numerous ways. As blockchain continues to disrupt industries worldwide, being well-versed in its applications positions me to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, making me a sought-after coder in the job market.”

Reem Ali, who joined 42 Abu Dhabi straight out of high school and emerged as a dedicated coder, resonated with the profound societal impact of blockchain technology. Her aspirations to leverage her coding expertise in web development and expand her jewelry business online were buoyed by her exposure to blockchain’s potential.

She said: “Understanding the potential of blockchain in various sectors has given me a broader perspective on how technology can create positive societal impact. I am excited to leverage this newfound knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the tech industry and play a role in shaping a more secure and transparent future for the Emirate.”

Finally, Alia Ali, who specialises in Security and Networking, summed up the workshop’s impact on her career aspirations. As she nears completion of her studies at 42 Abu Dhabi, her anticipation of roles in web development or network security is fortified by her blockchain knowledge.

She said: “The blockchain workshop has equipped me with valuable knowledge and provided me with a forward-looking perspective on the future of the tech industry. By learning about these real-world use cases, I feel confident that I can future-proof my career, as blockchain is undeniably going to shape the way we do business."