Dubai: A Dubai resident has created a formula that has the world's space agencies knocking at her door.

Dr Manahel Thabet may soon join the ranks of the scientists and discoverers she's spent her life looking up to. The Yemeni national has created a formula that may prove ground-breaking in the world of quantum mathematics. It could forever change the dynamics of what we consider space.

Following a year-and-a-half of playing with numbers, calculations and equations, Manahel struck gold. She found the missing link to the puzzle that could help scientists and space researchers measure distances in space in the absence of light. It's a formula that has attracted the attention of various space entities, including Nasa and the French space agency.

"A few years ago, scientists discovered the existence of dark matter, a substance that eats the light," says Manahel. "All the equations and formulas we have today to measure two points in the universe are through the speed of light. Our ability to measure point A to point B in the universe has been disturbed by the dark matter.

"My equation aims to solve this issue by measuring the distance between Point A and B without using light as a means of measurement," she says.

It's a 350-page formula that's taken space enthusiasts by storm.

Today, the Dubai-based President of Smart Tips, a consulting firm, is negotiating rights to this formula with Nasa, the French space agency, as well as other space agencies, astro-physicists, etc, all want the honour of developing her formula. "For now, I'm still deciding who would be the best entity to adopt this equation," says 32-year-old Manahel, the youngest person in the world with a PhD in Financial Engineering.

In the meanwhile, the multiple-award-winner has her hands full with various other projects. Besides a full-time job of spearheading her own company, Manahel is on the board of judges at L'Officiels's Arab Woman of the Year 2012 Awards, scheduled for May 22.

She's also the winner of countless awards, including a United Nations humanitarian award, the Academic Excellence Award 2012 at the Hamdan Bin Rashid awards; and is the youngest winner of the Woman of the Year award in 2000 by the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Her list of credentials do't end there. At over 168, Manahel has an IQ that's higher than most people in the world, putting her into a category of only 0.1 per cent of the world. She's a member of Mensa (the world's genius association) and President of WIN (World Intelligence Network).