Mona Al Marri
Mona Al Marri speaking at the launching of regional campaign to raise awareness about the restructured Arab Media Awards. Image Credit: DPC

Dubai: Dubai Press Club has launched a regional campaign to raise awareness about the objectives and categories of its newly restructured Arab Media Award, which seeks to recognise excellence in a wide range of sectors in the media industry.

A gathering of media professionals organised by Dubai Press Club in Cairo marked the rollout of the campaign. The media gathering, which also sought to explore new opportunities to promote cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experiences between the media communities of Dubai and Egypt, saw Dubai Press Club introducing the framework of the new Award, which has three main categories - journalism, television and digital media.

Egyptian media

The meeting was attended by Egyptian media industry leaders, chairmen of boards of directors and editors-in-chief of major Egyptian newspapers, prominent journalists, writers, heads of digital media companies, senior executives of television networks, and leading broadcasters, social media influencers and podcasters in the country.

Strong network

Welcoming the attendees, Mona Ghanem Al Marri, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council and President of the Dubai Press Club, stressed that the gathering is part of Dubai Press Club’s efforts to forge a strong network of relationships with media communities across the Arab world. She said the organisation of the Arab Media Award campaign’s first event in Cairo recognises Egypt’s special position as a key player in the Arab media landscape and its contributions to the region’s media sector over the past several decades.

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Mona Al Marri noted Dubai Press Club’s keenness to further enhance the strong bonds between the media communities of Dubai and Egypt, which reflect the historic fraternal ties between them. By promoting the exchange of ideas and best practices, Dubai Press Club’s regional engagement programme seeks to promote the development of the broader Arab media industry.

About new Arab Media Award

During the meeting, Mona Al Marri explained the rationale behind going beyond the Arab Journalism Award’s focus on the journalism sector to create the new Arab Media Award that aims to unearth talent, creativity and excellence in a wider range of media sectors. Her Excellency highlighted the Arab Journalism Award’s journey over the past two decades, during which it has honoured hundreds of columnists, journalists, photographers and cartoonists from across the Arab world.

Inviting Egyptian media professionals and institutions to participate in the new Arab Media Award, she noted that the previous version of the award programme has featured significant Egyptian participation. Several exceptional journalistic achievements from Egypt have been recognised by the award over the last two decades, she added.

Unique platform

The President of the Dubai Press Club further said the Arab Media Award will give Egyptian media professionals a unique platform to showcase their excellence and achievements.

Egyptian media professionals attending the meeting expressed their gratitude for reaching out to the country’s media community and initiating a new engagement that promotes constructive cooperation, dialogue and knowledge exchange between media institutions in Egypt and Dubai.