STOCK Dubai police staff
A Dubai Police patrol. Dubai Police said patrols will be dispatched near mosques to monitor the traffic flow. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Media office

Dubai: Dubai Police have advised worshippers not to park and block the roads around mosques while offering prayers, particularly late-night prayers performed during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department in Dubai Police, said motorists should reduce their speeds near mosques and not block the roads in front of mosques.

“Some motorists park behind another parked vehicle and block the road or the exit to the parking area, while some even park on the pavements. It is not acceptable behaviour as it delays other road users, particularly in residential areas,” Brig. Al Mazroui said. “People should pay attention while parking their cars.”

Police patrols will be dispatched near mosques to monitor the traffic flow, authorities said.

According to Brig. Al Mazroui, it was noticed that several people perform prayers on the streets near mosques. “This practise endangers lives of motorists using those roads and of those offering prayers,” he added.

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He said that Dubai Police have put a comprehensive traffic plan in place to reduce road accidents and have more patrols on roads across the emirate. He urged community members to report traffic violations by calling the 901 number or use the Police Eye Service on the Dubai Police app.