Safety alert
Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai get COVID-19 public safety message on their mobile devices as soon as they enter the area.

Dubai: The Police have taken a proactive stance in reminding the public of health and safety protocols whenever they are in public places, especially at Expo 2020 Dubai and the Global Village.

Visitors said they have received a public safety alert from Dubai Police as soon as they approached near the two destinations.

The text alert reads: “Dear Expo visitors, welcome to Expo 2020 Dubai. Your well-being is our priority. For your safety and the safety of others, please wear a mask at all times, maintain social distancing and sanitise your hands.”

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Visitors to Global Village in Dubai get public COVID-19 public safety messages on their mobile as they enter the area.

How it works

Public alert system helps authorities “to instantly get in touch with as many people as possible when they need to share urgent information”. A receiver of a text alert does not require to install any special apps. Texts reach everyone, every time — no matter what mobile device they have.

Public alert system communicates with the target audience faster and there’s no way for the receiver to ignore the message sent through a public alert system as the person will not be able delete without reading it first.

Be responsible

Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution has urged social media users to be responsible when sharing any news related to COVID-19.

The federal authority said: “It was recently noticed that some COVID-19 infected users are publishing and sharing visual materials and audio recordings, on social media platforms accompanied by lyrical clips and comments, calling for non-compliance with precautionary measures, and making fun of them. This affects the ongoing efforts being made by the UAE to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We call on all members of society to avoid these behaviours, which are punishable by law.