Maj Gen Abdullah Al Merri honours Corporal Abdullah Ebrahim Mohammad in the Egyptian doctor’s presence. Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: A Dubai policeman issued a fine in his own name after hitting a parked vehicle and put a note on the damaged car belonging to an Egyptian doctor. The officer’s gesture warmed the heart of the doctor, who took to social media to express his appreciation, putting up pictures of the accident and the referral note, which went viral on social media.

Dubai Police honoured Corporal Abdullah Ebrahim Mohammad for his honesty and he was promoted on an order from Major General Abdullah Al Merri, Dubai Police commander in chief. Corporal Mohammad also received a certificate of thanks and appreciation.

The praise from highers-up recognises the officer’s integrity and commitment and the honour can only motivate and encourage employees of Dubai Police to provide better quality services to make society happy.

“The honesty of the cop has given the Dubai Police a good reputation among the public. He fined himself for hitting the parked car and put a copy of the accident report on the windshield, which surprised the owner when he came and found his car damaged,” Major General Al Merri said.

Al Merri also honoured the vehicle’s owner, Dr Mohammad Ahmad Nabeel Abdul Aziz, who posted positively about the incident via Facebook and hailed the integrity and honesty of Dubai Police personnel.

The accident happened on March 22 this year.

Dr Abdul Aziz posted on his Facebook account pictures of the accident and the police report saying that such a thing could only happen on a ‘UAE planet’.

“I parked my car in bad way and I thought it was my mistake, but I was shocked when I saw a traffic report of the accident on the windshield saying that a policeman hit my car and fined himself. It’s a noble and brave behaviour by Dubai Police,” said Dr Abdul Aziz who is a specialist in gastroenterology. “This behaviour only can be seen in UAE. What he did made me feel safe and secure on this land.”

Corporal Mohammad insisted that he was only doing his duty and felt he had to make the accident report since he made the mistake by hitting the parked car. “I feel overwhelmed by the promotion and the nice gesture by our leaders. It will motivate me and my colleagues to serve and protect,” he said.