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Dubai: For the first time in the UAE, a pet festival in Dubai will be hosting a kids and pets fashion show, complete with choreographed catwalks and designer furry wear catering to different seasons.

The free-to-attend Dubai Pet Festival will be held at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club on Friday, December 13, from 10am to 10pm.

Organiser Shree Nair of PETME said, “The Kids and Pets Fashion show is a new element in our pet festivals in line with the changing trends. Unlike earlier, there’s a whole range of designer wear for dogs and cats which are in high demand. By walking with the pets on the ramp, kids will also showcase how pets should be handled.”

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Other highlights of the show include international dog & and cat shows, pet agility courses, grooming, health and safety workshops, a petting farm and a demonstration by Abu Dhabi Police’s K9 Dog Squad.

Naiir said dogs should be on short leash as no extendable leashes are permitted.

Pet owners should also submit valid pet passports that ensure all vaccinations are updated within 24 months as required under UAE law, he said, adding the pet must be in reasonably good health.

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“Any pets not meeting these criteria will be refused entry to the show even if they are pre-registered online.”

The dogs entering the venue will also be assessed at the entrance for their aggressiveness and coloured ribbons are tied around their necks. “People should be aware of this and behave with these dogs accordingly. While the red ribbon denotes an aggressive dog, meaning visitors should stay away from them, yellow means temperamental and it would be worth checking with the owner. A green ribbon denotes a friendly dog.

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