Pet cause . Nabeel's Wonder Pets in Jumeirah Village Circle has become a convenient source for those looking to adopt unwanted pets in Dubai Image Credit: Atiq ur Rehman/XPRESS

DUBAI Wonder Pets is a pet shop with a difference. It sells pet foods, treats and accessories alright, but the pets it keeps are not up for “sale”. As shop owner Nabeel will tell you, they are only available for adoption or rehoming.

Rescued animals all, the pets at the Jumeirah Village Circle shop comprise mainly dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. A Golden Retriever found near a fuel station off Hessa Street, a German Shepherd recovered fro m Jumeirah, a caged cat left in the sandy patch outside the shop, two ?? and five pups rescued from Al Warqah – the animals at Wonder Pets come from different areas in the UAE. Abandoned, abused or homeless, they invariably end up at the shop in a bad shape but are up on their feet again by the time they are rehomed.

An animal lover, Nabeel said he was motivated to open a pet shop to help sustain the cause he was espousing. “The pet shop was the only way to survive without donations. We not only rescue animals but also get them treated and vaccinated before they are adopted.”

Veterinary package

While cats, birds and rabbits go for free, the dogs’ veterinary and adoption costs must be covered bu potential adopters. “They pay Dh550 for the veterinary package which includes eight vaccinations, including rabies, a booster shot and the municipality registration and microchipping. An adoption cost of Dh500 is also covered,” said Nabeel.

Nabeel is said to be always at hand to help out with a pet in need. “It takes a lot to look after these pets but he never says no. Many times, they are just dumped outside his shop but he goes the whole hog to take care of them,” said animal lover Evelyn.

A customer who frequents the shop said: “Finally, we have a dedicated place where we can go to adopt a pet instead of having to deal with endless searches and cross references on social media.”