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DUBAI: A monthly gym membership in Dubai is the second highest in the world, next only to Tokyo, a leading international bank has found.

According to reports, the findings by Deutsche Bank are part of its annual “Mapping the world’s prices” survey which highlights the cost of living in 50 global cities.

is what Bengaluru gyms charge monthly - the lowest

The report says the average cost of a monthly gym membership in Tokyo is $127.20, followed by Dubai $119.20, Hong Kong $105.60. In fourth, fifth and sixth place are Singapore $103.90, Zurich $100.80 and New York $100. At the bottom of the list are Bengaluru in India $28, Wellington in New Zealand $33.20 and New Delhi, again in India, $37.60.

Fitness as a rage

Enquiries made with several gyms across Dubai revealed that the monthly fee to enlist the services of a top-notch personal trainer could cross Dh15,000, with training under other trainers coming for over Dh4,000. Even group classes at a fairly upscale fitness centre cost anywhere between Dh800 and Dh1,500 a month. The more common gyms charge around Dh500-Dh700.

is the monthly gym membership fee in Tokyo - the highest

“Fitness has become such a rage in Dubai that people don’t mind investing in their health. It’s all about achieving the right balance between your diet, exercise and general well-being. For that, you want to consult the best experts and they don’t come cheap,” said Anjalina, a Dubai mum.

But others like Rita, a housewife, said they would rather work out at home or go for walk in the park than visit a gym. “I took up a membership at a neighbourhood gym and couldn’t quite sustain the costs. It felt as if I was losing money, not weight.”