Expo 2020
A look at the Expo 2020 Emirates pavillion Image Credit: Social media

As the UAE draws ever-nearer to its Expo 2020 days, things are heating up. Emirates on Sunday unveiled the first details of its Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai, which is focused on the future of aviation. An exploration of interactive tech proved the starting point.

Sunday also kicks off a way to secure your admission to the event. A ticket, billed at Dh120 a day, will provide access to 60 live shows, future-shaping technologies, performances from world-famous artists, parades, cutting-edge architecture, special celebrations and more.

What's on offer besides super tech? There are, says the twitter handle of the event, 5,000 official licensed products plus plenty of unique souvenirs and gifts at the country pavilions. You can already buy Expo-inspired camel soap, chocolates, dates and more.