X-ray scanning of a heavy vehicle at Jebel Ali and TECOM Customs Centre
X-ray scanning of a heavy vehicle at Jebel Ali and TECOM Customs Centre Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Dubai Customs has equipped the Jebel Ali and TECOM Customs Centre with a first-of-its-kind advanced system in the world for inspecting heavy and light vehicles, equipment, and yachts through X-ray scanning.

This system allows the centre to double its inspection operations and accelerate procedures, supporting the smooth flow of business and trade and enhancing the position of Jebel Ali Port as the largest port in the Middle East and one of the most strategic ports globally.

The system has been customised to meet Dubai Customs’ requirements, allowing it to scan vehicles and heavy equipment with maximum dimensions of 5.9 metres by 5.5 metres. The system operates in two modes: stationary mode, where the vehicle is parked, and mobile mode, where the vehicle is scanned while passing through the device.

Multiple capabilities 

The system can detect and identify radioactive materials, determine their location, identify customs declarations through container numbers, and remotely control image analysis. This development aligns with Dubai’s economic agenda D33 to keep pace with Dubai’s rapid economic growth.

Ahmed Mahboub Musabih, Director-General of Dubai Customs and CEO of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, said Dubai Customs is actively participating in Dubai’s journey to become one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and one of the top three economic cities, in line with its economic agenda launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

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He highlighted the fact that the advanced system explicitly designed for Dubai Customs would support business operations by increasing capacity and expediting the inspection of heavy and light vehicles and the large equipment used in various construction and industrial sectors.

Adel Al Suwaidi, Director of the Technical Support Department at Dubai Customs, said: “The advanced system enhances the security operations in Dubai and the UAE, contributing to the protection of society by adopting the best technical specifications, increasing border control, and developing supporting devices and equipment. This ensures that Dubai remains one of the safest cities globally.”

He added: “Acquiring this unique system is a significant step towards affirming Dubai Customs’ strategy in leading secure customs operations worldwide, given its exceptional capability to detect the contents of vehicles, containers, and heavy equipment, as well as identifying prohibited and restricted materials.”

He emphasised that the department spares no effort in providing the latest and best inspection technologies and systems, placing utmost importance on protecting society and preserving security, which is at the core of customs operations.

Rashed Saif Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of the Sea Customs Centres Management, said the Sea Customs Centres and all affiliated centres are working within the Dubai Customs’ 2021-2026 strategy to solidify their position at the forefront of global customs innovation.

He noted that the management at Jebel Ali Port is intensifying efforts and working closely with strategic partners to enhance Dubai’s status as a global hub for international trade and a key link between the East and the West. It also aims to maximise the role of Jebel Ali Port in supply chains, logistics, and services.

In the past year, Jebel Ali Customs Centre and DP World accomplished 208,900 inspection operations for commercial shipments and 326 customs seizures.