Desert Chill ice-cream van. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Residents in Emaar communities are planning to launch a social media campaign to voice their anger after vans of a popular local ice cream company were banned from entering their communities.

For six years, UAE-based Desert Chill has been delivering ice cream in Emirates Living and Arabian Ranches in purpose-built vans. But last week, developer Emaar shut the door on them, saying they are reviewing the list of vendors who would be allowed in their communities.

Desert Chill said the ban came unexpectedly and is a big blow to their business. “The news has come suddenly and without warning after six years of serving the communities and without any incident or issue. We are in communication with Emaar to try and rectify the situation but as of now we have not been successful,” reads a message on Desert Chill’s Facebook page.

The move has also not gone down well with residents. Australian expat Carolyn Deed, who lives in Meadows, said she along with a group of other residents are coming together to launch a social media campaign where people will post creative pictures of how much they miss Desert Chill via hashtags #SaveTheIceCreamMan #Emaar #DesertChillBan #Dubai.

“It is unfair that a service kids and families looked forward to has been suddenly taken away. We deserve an explanation and hope that Emaar will reconsider its decision,” she said. “If they were to banish anyone, it should’ve been the illegal vendors who freely roam our streets selling carpets and pirated DVDs,” Deed added.

A Lakes resident said she doesn’t understand the logic behind the decision to stop ice-cream sales. “What harm can they be doing? My children used to get excited when they heard the sound of the musical ice cream van entering the community. The ban is hearbreaking, especially for the children,” she said.

A Meadows resident said she will miss the vans as much for the ice cream as for the fact that it brought neighbours together.


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