Abu Dhabi: A man has been arrested in Abu Dhabi for verbally abusing a fuel attendant and posting the video on social networking sites.

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution ordered the suspect’s arrest on Wednesday after a controversial video showed the suspect mocking the employee.

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Representatives of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) also extended their apologies to the fuel attendant and stressed that the organisation strives to achieve the best level of respect with its customers and employees.


In the video, the suspect made a payment with coins and poked fun at the petrol station’s fuel attendant.

The Attorney-General of the emirate of Abu Dhabi condemned the suspect’s crude and ruthless behavior, and asserted that the law will confront any type of violation that harms society’s values and morals.  

Abu Dhabi’s Public Prosecution also explained that the UAE has clear guidelines to prevent any kind of disrespectful or abusive behaviour, and said that it will take action against any type of inappropriate treatment that may harm or offend others.

The office of the Public Prosecution further pointed out that legal action will be taken against anyone who abuses technology, especially on social networking sites, in order to protect the public and the rights of society.