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Ras Al Khaimah: Corporal Maryam Mohammad Al Sheihi has broken barriers as the first Emirati woman to become a trainer of tracking dogs in Ras Al Khaimah Police.

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Her journey began with a passion for animals, fuelled by her husband’s interest in animal care. She faced challenges initially, but her love for the work allowed her to overcome the difficulties.

Speaking to Gulf News, Corporal Maryam said she has joined Ras Al Khaimah Police as an administrative employee in 2012 before moving on to the Explosives and Weapons Department in 2019. During her work, she saw how the police dogs were being trained and decided to join the training team.

Six months ago, she began her work training dogs to track traces.

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Asset to K9 Inspection Department

Corporal Maryam said with the support of her family and colleagues, she transitioned from an administrative role to training dogs within the K9 section. Her expertise has proven to be an asset to the K9 Inspection Department, contributing to event security and various police operations, including narcotics detection, explosives handling, and tracking.

Corporal Maryam’s role within the K9 Security Inspection Department involved theoretical and practical training in handling and training police dogs, enhancing their capabilities in tracing, rescue, and providing forensic evidence.

Corporal Maryam’s future plan is to join the UAE police teams in missions outside the country.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to empower women, Ras Al Khaimah Police has been proactive in providing opportunities for female cadres in various police and security specialties.