20200918 Dubai Courts
The Dubai Courts building. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Two men have been sentenced to six months in jail after kidnapping a man from a desert trip in Dubai.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the two defendants aged 26 and 27, kidnapped the victim while the last was sitting with a group of friends at a desert camp in February this year. The victim testified that he was part of a group in the desert at Al Ruwyyah, when three vehicles without number plates pulled up close to their location past midnight. A group of eight masked men carrying knives and swords stepped out and asked for the victim.

Records showed that the defendants physically assaulted the victim over an old dispute before they kidnapped him. He was locked in a house at Ned Al Hamar. Later, his blood-stained clothes were changed and he was allowed to leave.

A woman, who was present at the desert camp from where the man was kidnapped, testified that one of the defendants had asked her about the victim after parking his car near the camp. “They were carrying knives and wearing medical masks. They forced the victim to step inside a vehicle and left. We couldn’t do anything because we were scared, but alerted Dubai Police,” said the woman on record.

Dubai Police found the victim who accused the two defendants of kidnapping him.

The two defendants have denied kidnapping the victim.

One of the arrested defendants claimed that he knew the victim beforehand as they used to attend the same gym. The defendants claimed they were already in the desert when they saw the camp and joined it.

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“We were leaving the place when my friend unintentionally accelerated the car and the sand struck the others. They chased us and one of them hit our car, which flipped over. When we stepped out of the car, we saw the victim, but he did not tell us about who caused the accident,” said one of the defendants on record.

“I slapped him twice and he started bleeding. I asked him to come with us to my friend’s house where I gave him a black shirt to change into.”