Dubai: A married woman was jailed for six months for having consensual sex with a tourist, who suffered a cardiac arrest and died instantly in a luxurious hotel.

The Emirati woman met the Saudi tourist at the hotel’s nightclub and later at the lobby before they exchanged numbers in July.

The couple exchanged messages and communicated for three days before the tourist asked to see the woman after telling her that he was returning to his country the next day.

The woman booked a room at the same hotel and on the same floor where the Saudi man had been staying and went to his room at 4am.

After consensual sex, the woman went to washroom where she heard a loud bang. She rushed out of the washroom to find the Saudi tourist lying on the floor after suffering from a heart attack. She informed the hotel reception about the man’s medical condition on which he was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Emirati woman was arrested for having consensual sex with the Saudi tourist.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court sentenced the woman to a year in jail, a punishment that she appealed.

The Appeal Court accepted the woman’s plea and reduced her punishment to six months in prison on grounds of leniency.

The defendant appealed her appellate judgement before the Cassation Court where she renewed her not guilty plea and asked to be acquitted.

The woman contended in her defence that she did not have consensual sex with the Saudi man and alleged that he raped her.

In her defence argument, the defendant argued that the Saudi man first kissed her and then he forced himself on her and raped her.

The woman said that she was injured while trying to stop the man from raping her.

The Cassation Court dismissed the defendant’s appeal and upheld her six-month imprisonment.

Court records said the forensic examiner reported that the defendant had consensual sex with the man. The traces of DNA that were lifted up from her body matched with those of the deceased and there were no signs of violence on her body.

The tourist’s roommate testified that the woman was wearing a miniskirt when she came to their room and he left them together and went out.